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Raising Financial Support for a Living: Principles for the Giver

Hey ya’ll! I hope you’re enjoying this series. I know most summer mission trips wont start being organized for a few more months, but hopefully this series will be all the more useful for everyone then, too! So far, I’ve discussed having a Right Perspective as to why missionaries should raise support. I also wrote about principles the fundraiser should know. So today, I am focusing on the one being asked to give financially to a mission opportunity. I hope that these principles help you devote your gifts, money, and prayers cheerfully to others.

A great little book about the joy of giving!

1. God owns it all. (Romans 11:36)

Meaning, every single thing you own belongs to the Father. You can have freedom to let go and give when you look at every penny in your purse, lamp in your house, towel in the closet, and say, “My Father gave this to me…and this..and this..and this…”  The truth that God owns all of it should simply give you a spirit of thankfulness and generosity.

2. Giving may be your spiritual gift. (Romans 8:4-8)

We have one supporter on our team who owns an oil company. He believes that one of his spiritual gifts is giving. So, he still owns and runs it. If he quit giving, he would quit owning it and do something else. We also have another supporter who shared about how hard it is for him to make friendships with people. He still pursues relationships and evangelism, but he has chosen to be a giver to those who do have the gift of being relational. That is his way of building up the Body of Christ. Every Christian is called to give and be generous in their heart, but maybe He has designed you to be the example of giving.

3. Supporting a missionary protects you from idolatry. (Matthew 10:24)

I love Tim Keller’s book, “Counterfeit Gods”. His chapter on Greed destroyed me! In it he states that out of every sin, no one would ever really consider themselves as greedy. He said this is because we tend to only compare ourselves to people in our “bracket”. Of course I don’t look greedy compared to the person who buys the name brand everything. But, compared to just about anyone else in the world my standard of living is like royalty! Yet, I always want something better. Being a supporter of a missionary (1) keeps your vision worldwide and (2) challenges you to sacrifice your comfort. For example, you could give (let’s say) $75/month to a missionary, instead of it going toward a new bedroom set, nicer clothes, gadgets, and whatever else captures your eye. The big idea is that giving patterns your life to being Kingdom Focused (Matt. 6:33).

4. Giving is to be an act of worship. (2 Cor. 9:11)

Worship is primarily why giving protects and frees you from idolatry. This is why Danny and I break up our monthly tithe into fourths so that we can worship during the offering each week. As a supporter, your giving is enabling the gospel to advance. When your missionary shares about how God has changed them or the people they are ministering to you can rejoice too! You played a huge role in that! It is always worshipful to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Step out on faith and send a missionary  –  then, be prepared to worship.

5. It is an eternal investment! (Matthew 24:14)

Whether it is sending a team to Ecuador for 2 weeks, sending a student to a training conference,  sending a couple to Singapore ;-), or funding the distribution of Bibles – you are giving waaayyy more than x amount of money. Souls and God’s Word are eternal matters. You are affecting not just what you know of from a newsletter. You’re impacting generations of people that will come loonnggg after your life! How amazing is that?!

6. You’re offering more than green paper. (3 John 8)

Be active with your missionaries. They need you far beyond finances. They need your wisdom, your prayers, and communication. They need to know that you are with them and haven’t forgotten about them. It is so easy to feel forgotten about when you send mass updates out and 1/60 people reply.  It’s also hard to pray over someone that you never hear from. Please, give financially so that they can be sent. But, continue to give yourself to them so that they can have a continual support system. They don’t view you as an ATM, and so don’t act as one. You have such a vital role – I wish I could better express how important you are to them!

Clearly, I don’t aim for the standard 5 or 10 points. Six is sufficient :). My prayer is that if you are in a position to support a missionary these truths will come to your mind and help you in discerning all of the ways in which you can commit to them and thus commit to the Great Commission.

Watch this clip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4bGse2o3kY, about being a Go-er and a Send-er. Ironically, Piper uses the same verse that God wrecked me with in 2009 by calling me to reach the 10/40 window.

Coming Next: The How-To’s of Support Raising.

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