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Raising Financial Support for a Living: The First Steps

Pre-Planning is Important

Whether you are raising a one-time gift for a short-term trip or monthly for something more long-term, I believe these are the best first steps you could take.

1. Take a day of prayer and select a mission verse.

2. Complete/solidify this Calling worksheet and this Vision worksheet.

3. Determine your budget.

  • Your organization/financial adviser should be able to help you establish this.

4. Invite accountability partners.

5. Read Henri Nouwen’s Spirituality of Fundraising or Randy Alcorn’s Treasure Principle

6. Write your contact letter.

  • Here’s a Basic Contact Letter Outline.
  • This is NOT a Support Letter; you are NOT asking them to send a check or money! You are simply letting them know that you intend on contacting them soon!

7. Pick your method to manage all your contacts. (Excel, Goodgle docs,)

  • Here is a Copy of a Support Tracking Sheet. Remember to update this weekly.
  • Personally, I track on an Excel sheet similar to this one, but I keep supporter’s contact info in my email contacts too.

8. Name-storm

  • List 150-250 people that have taken an interest in your life. Use this Namestorming Worksheet  for help.
  • After you list everyone, then begin to find out how to contact them.

9. Stockpile stamps, envelopes, printer ink, addresses, paper, brochures, return envelopes, THANK YOU CARDS, and appointment folders

  • Do this before you send your first letter out!!! Also, maintain a bulk supply.
  • This will remove a lot of stress and will help you be faithful to your supporters.

10. Set support amount and fully funded deadline goal.

  • Join my team at $___/month….To get me on the mission field by __Date___.
  • It is very important that you are clear about this in your meeting!

I hope that this introduction to the How-To’s helps you! This was just meant to help you prepare for support raising. Did you find this post useful? Is there something specific about support raising that you want me to expand on in future posts?

The following posts will go into more detail of The Letter, The Phone Call, and of the Appointment.

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