About Me


My name is Chelsea Sanderson. Most importantly, I’d like to share with you some of my testimony.

I was agnostic for most of my life. I was very skeptical about God’s existence.Yet, I wanted to believe God was real. I knew at a young age that if God was real, that I did not know Him. I assumed I was a pretty decent person with good morals, but I realized that if God exists He probably has a standard of good that far surpasses me. A couple of years later I became a Christian. Because Jesus was the perfect good that God required, I am now assured that not only do I know a holy God, but this holy God knows me.

I studied Philosophy & Religious Studies at Valdosta State University. I enjoyed what I studied because I learned how to listen, how to think, and how to articulate my thoughts. Outside of class I worked part-time and also got involved with a ministry, Campus Outreach. The lessons I learned in school, the people I met at work, and the discipleship that I received through this ministry helped me mature in knowledge and character (though so much is still lacking!). I feel that those years were unforgettable and I’m thankful for all of my college experiences.  A couple of weeks after graduation I married my husband, Danny. He’s a responsible, yet goofy man. My husband is my pal, my lover, and my coworker! Six months after the wedding we moved to Singapore as college ministers. Whether in America or in Singapore, similar questions are asked about the trustworthiness of God, authenticity of God’s people, and worth of Jesus. Danny and I learning thankfulness, peace, and joy as we start this new adventure of marriage and ministry together!


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